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Package design: Expense or smart marketing investment?

December 2, 2016

People are visual creatures by nature. If you are a company looking to sell a product, packaging design is very important. Good packaging design differentiates a bad company from a good company. An interesting and eye-catching logo does play a big part in marketing a product, but nothing can work close to a visually appealing and striking design.

The main question is ‘why is it so important?’ Studies suggest that customers are more drawn towards products that look good. Something that is well-designed and interesting is bound to attract more attention than something that is not so appealing. This is the importance of packaging design. Some marketers consider packaging design an expense while some look at it as a smart marketing investment. It is, after all, the key part in marketing a product to ensure that it sells. The packaging design helps you associate a brand to a certain thing be it a colour or font. Continue Reading…